US Aluminum Services, Corp.

US Aluminum obligations under this warranty shall be performed only by persons designated and compensated by US Aluminum. The homeowner will provide free access for the performance of warranty inspections and services and be responsible for extra costs due to inability to gain access for warranty inspections or services after reasonable advance notice. Any repair, refinishing or replacement not authorized by US Aluminum shall release US Aluminum from all liabilities and obligations with respect to the products involved.

The original warranty period is not extended by any warranty service or replacement, but the remaining warranty period continues in effect and applies under the conditions hereof of the warranty service or replacement. US Aluminum warrants the product only against defects due to faulty design or manufacture, not against damage due to other causes.

If US Aluminum elects to replace any products under this warranty, it may substitute products designed by it to be comparable quality or price range. If US Aluminum elects to refinish any products, it may use different coating materials and different methods of applying the same.

This writing embodies the entire warranty of US Aluminum and no other warranties are given beyond those set forth herein.