Benefits of Screen Pool Enclosures

February 27th, 2012

It’s getting warmer and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun! You might even be thinking of building a pool in your own backyard. Screen pool enclosures can be a valuable investment that will not only protect you, but will also extend the life of your pool.

No one likes a good time outdoors being interrupted by annoying mosquitoes. Those mosquitoes as well as other bugs can be kept out in a great part by a screen pool enclosure. You will be able to swim and entertain bug-free.

Stay healthy! Having a screen pool enclosure will reduce the harmful UV rays that make contact with your skin. This will keep you healthier by cutting down on those harmful rays that cause sunburn which could also lead to other health issues.

Who likes cleaning? With a screen pool enclosure your pool will need less cleaning because most leaves, dirt, and other debris will stay out– not to mention the little critters. This is also a great benefit because your filters and pumps will last longer!

  • - Bug-free entertaining and swimming
  • - Cuts down on harmful rays
  • - Less cleaning
  • - Filters and pumps will last longer
  • - Maintenance goes down

Get more benefits; get a screen pool enclosure from US Aluminum Services. US Aluminum builds their screen pool enclosures with Phifer BetterVue Screen which will give you superior outward visibility and airflow without sacrificing durability and strength. You will get 33% more insect protection and 10% more sunlight to provide comfortable water temperatures. Phifer BetterVue Screen passed the 110 mph wind tunnel test and is excellent for Florida and other coastal regions. It will provide years of enjoyment and protection while offering better curb appeal than a conventional screen. Additionally, US Aluminum builds with Ceco 10,000 hours salt spray screws and Eagle 6061 pure “virgin” aluminum alloy for a rust-free and even longer lasting product. With a screen pool enclosure from US aluminum your screen will be made with the best quality products and you will get beautiful results.

  • -Phifer BetterVue Screen
  • -Ceco 10,000 Hours Salt Spray Screws
  • -Eagle 6061 Pure “Virgin” Aluminum Alloy

About US Aluminum Services, Corp

Founded in 2004, US Aluminum Services, Corp. is a fully insured and state certified construction company that complies with all Florida Codes for the construction industry. US Aluminum Services offers the best designed, best installed, and best backed warranty in the business. All services are executed to the exact specifications of our customer’s request. Our materials are top of the line, made exclusively to US Aluminum Service specifications by the top manufacturers in Florida. Their services include Florida screen rooms, patio and pool enclosures, sunrooms, architectural columns, pergolas, gutters, pavers, and fences.

by Karin Badillo

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